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Work On Projects

Malta Strategic Partnership Projects Ltd is committed to conceptualise and study strategic projects. Our role will be central in seeing that the country’s strategic projects are considered for public private partnerships with the final objective of enabling the implementation of more value-for-money projects. We work tirelessly with Ministries and state authorities to mobilise and strengthen knowledge about public-private partnerships as well as offer our support in the appraisal of project ideas as potential partnerships between the private and public sector, allowing for the country’s strategic objectives to be reached.

Malta Strategic Partnership Projects Ltd is also inviting private sectoral players to communicate with us about project ideas as we believe that the private sector is a major key player and plays an integral role in public private partnerships. Therefore, smart and solid collaboration is essential in order to enable that the specific project outputs do in fact reach fruition.

Currently we are working on multiple projects, with specific focus on bringing a shift in Malta’s tourism sector towards a lower-intensity, higher economic value-added tourism product. This will heavily aid the recovery of a post-Covid environment.

A clear visioN for Malta’s future