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Malta Strategic
Partnership Projects Ltd.

Malta Strategic Partnership Projects Limited is fully owned by the Government of Malta and falls within the portfolio of the Ministry for Economy, Enterprise and Strategic Projects.

The role of MSPP is to study, coordinate and facilitate Strategic Public-Private Partnerships as well as serving as a central touchpoint for such strategic partnerships.

A Clear vision For
Malta's Future.

What do we
Stand For?

  • We identify projects

    of national interest and seek to attract private sector investment in order to develop successful strategic partnerships because we believe in serving the country with our projects, above all else.

  • We initiate, develop, promote and facilitate projects

    with the aim of delivering tangible results to our country and enabling positive change.

  • We want to see strategic partnerships develop

    in order to enable us to contribute towards our country’s economy, towards the creation of jobs as well as reach other objectives that are social and environmental in nature, amongst others.

  • We want to develop effective solutions

    in response to the country’s challenges – this is how we contribute effectively towards the country’s present and future success.

  • We strive to create direct linkages

    with government authorities and other entities in order to assist them in developing public private partnerships that lead to added value.

  • We want to engage

    with all our stakeholders in order to realise feasible projects that will reap benefits for our country.