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Old Pixkerija site in Valletta to be rehabilitated – MSPP announces call for proposals

MSPP is announcing a call for proposals for the rehabilitation of the Old Pixkerija site in Valletta as part of Government’s commitment to regenerate the capital city through the reconciliation of the conservation and maintenance of Valletta’s historical fabric with the transformation of sites into a truly sustainable and living environment.

This call for proposals is the second one in MSPP’s Valletta regeneration strategy, and follows the announcement of the Evans Building rehabilitation project, made public a few months ago. As with the Evans Building project, the Old Pixkerija Rehabilitation project is meant to serve as a model of how old buildings can be adapted to new uses through their regeneration.

The Old Pixkerija site, is located in Barriera Wharf, Valletta and has immense scenic value as it abuts on the Valletta fortifications and thus enjoys unique spectacular views of the Grand Harbour, Fort St. Angelo and the Three Cities. The site consists of the current Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development building and the adjacent parking area, the Pixkerija building, the ex-Quarantine Hospital building, a 19,510 square metre area fronting the buildings and the seashore, and Pinto Stores 37, 38 and 39, which form part of the ‘Magazzini Della Barriera’. The majority of these buildings are classified as scheduled Grade 1 Buildings and are in great need of restoration.

This project also aims to bring together a complete service offering including the berthing facilities in the sea area fronting the buildings to be rehabilitated, the tourism accomodation and other high level services. The Concessionaire will be required to appoint several technical experts who will be responsible for the
important restoration work as well as proper modelling and planning that will allow the buildings to be given new uses. Environmental considerations during both planning and operational phases are an
important part of the requirements, and printed hoarding will be required to minimise the visual impact of works. Interested applicants are invited to propose environmental, cultural and social measures and actions which they would finance themselves with the objective of continued amelioration of this part of
the Capital City.

The concession period will be of 65 years, with an initial minimum investment of €18 million and other reinvestments throughout the concession period, as well as an annual ground rent of €357,565, apart from the fixed annual permit fee payable to Transport Malta and a minimum concession fee of €208,250, are being requested. Applicants will compete not only on the best project proposal but also on the concession fee amount.

The project investment is intended to generate not only revenue for the government but also economic benefits for society as a whole. This project is consistent with the Government’s vision and policies, particularly the National Tourism Strategy for the period 2021-2030, which aims to direct investment towards the regeneration of tourism zones, the creation of a brand identity, and the improvement of our touristic product. The Valletta Grand Harbour, in particular, is a hub of activity that ranges from trade and services to leisure and tourism, and is an asset to Malta’s economic growth and the thriving of communities who live in surrounding areas. This, together with the value of conserving the architectural and historical heritage of the area, has propelled the Government to embark upon its regeneration. Redeveloping this area will not just boost the local economy but it will create a better quality of life.

The call for proposals for the Old Pixkerija Rehabilitation Project will open on 18th March 2023 and will
close on 30th August 2023. Related documents can be found on www.etenders.gov.mt.

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