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Rehabilitation of the Chalet site in Sliema open for proposals


Rehabilitation of the Chalet site in Sliema open for proposals

Request for proposals from the private sector for the rehabilitation of the Chalet site

Malta Strategic Partnership Projects Ltd (MSPP) announces a call for proposals from the private sector to rehabilitate the Chalet site in Tower Road, Sliema. The public call will close on 1st February 2023.

The Chalet site is currently just a stretch of concrete and has been abandoned for almost 6 decades, with almost no accessibility to the public.

The Chalet project which was studied within the terms of the 2002 Chalet Development Brief invites bidders to submit proposals for the regeneration and design, management, operation, maintenance and transfer back of the ex-chalet site, Sliema promenade, Tower Road, Sliema. The reinstatement of the site as a Superior Quality Catering and Entertainment Establishment involves an injection of a minimum of €3.2 million through the initial capital investment followed by subsequent partial re-investments of €1.4 million every seven years, and complete re-investment of €3.2 million between the 28th and the 30th year of the given concession by the bidders.

The concession period set at 65 years, requests also the annual ground-rent and an annual concession fee from project proponents.

Such project aims to continue investing in the country’s tourism offer, as the call focuses not just on the rehabilitation of the Chalet site itself but also calls for bidders to submit corporate social responsibility plans. Such plans should identify clear measures which aim to invest in the surrounding area, such as improving the accessibility to the foreshore for the general public, embellishing the area and marketing the locality. This will enable the proposed project to contribute tangibly to the Sliema Locality.

Environment safeguards and green measures, apart from innovation and creativity should also form part of the proposed project.

Interested parties are also informed to consider the weather conditions that the site is vulnerable to.

Details of the request for proposals can be accessed at www.etenders.gov.mt.

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