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Multiple offers submitted for the Regeneration of the Evans Building site


Multiple offers submitted for the Regeneration of the Evans Building site

The call for proposals for the rehabilitation of the Evans Building site issued by Malta Strategic Partnership Projects closed today with multiple bids submitted by various private entities. The request for proposals aims to convert the Evans Building into an upmarket tourism accommodation through the injection of private investment. The site, located in the lower part of the Capital City, is one of the sites that is planned to be regenerated as part of MSPP’s rehabilitation strategy.

The call, which had opened in November 2022, requested ample information and detail from economic operators, considering that such a paramount site merits significant attention to detail.
Although the Evans Building site is regulated by the St Elmo and Environs Development Brief 2011, which allowed the consideration of total redevelopment of this site, nevertheless, the Request for
Proposals requested the retention of the external shell of the building while allowing for interior modifications. MSPP believes that this will serve as a positive and sustainable model of how an old building can be adapted to cater for a new function or use.

A minimum initial investment of €13 million, multiple reinvestments along the concession period, as well as a corporate social responsibility programme were also required as part of proposals to be submitted by the economic operators. The terms also include the potential restoration of the underground structures, namely the Chapel of the Bones and the Anatomical Theatre within the first part of the concession period.
The winning proponent will be signing a concession agreement and a deed for 65 years, during which period the project is expected to be maintained at an optimum level, whilst contributing to direct income for government. Studies by E‐cubed Consultants indicate that the regeneration project of the Evans Building will provide an economic contribution in terms of value added and job creation, throughout both the investment and operational phases.

The introduction of new high‐end tourism accommodation in the Southern Harbour is also expected to contribute to the attraction of higher quality tourism and greater touristic activity in this area of Valletta, as well as creating further employment opportunities.

The proposals will now move on to the next step of the process, that is the evaluation of the bids by an evaluation and adjudication committee composed of high ranking civil servants and public sector employees.

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